Approval Certificate for MarPeak

Zephyr is proud to announce that the Peak Pressure Indicator MarPeak has been certified and accepted for installation on all vessels classed by DNV GL, the world's leading classification society and respected consultancy service provider for the maritime industry.

MarPeak is found to comply with DNV GL rules for "classification – Ships" and is described as Peak Pressure Indicator, intended to measure the applied maximum gas pressure of the engine for every cylinder station, suitable for indicating tasks on diesel engines.


Download here technical data on MarPeak 

Watch the video: MarPeak Digital: The Digital Peak Pressure Indicator 


MARIDIS | MarPrime Ultra
The MarPrime system is a simple, user friendly device designed to measure and analyse the combustion process of 2 and 4-stroke marine diesel engines and for stationary power plants. It offers the potential to gauge all the engines in your machine room and draw up well-founded diagnostic reports quickly with a high degree of accuracy.



- Automatic Top Dead Centre TDC correction of the pressure sequences;
- The most important process parameters are in the form of graphs, bar charts and statistics;
- The ultrasonic sound sensor enables to determine injection timing and valve leakages;

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