New Fluid Condition Sensor

Zephyr is glad to present a new products, manufactured by a leading manufacturer, the new Fluid Condition Sensor (FCS), the world’s only all-in-one sensor suitable for any need to monitor oil degradation & contaminant ingress. 

We all know that low quality, incorrect fuel or oil lubrication combined with infrequent maintenance is a cause of machinery damage, leading to expensive repairs. So it has been introduced the new Fluid Condition Sensor to provide constant, real-time monitoring of five critical oil parameters - permittivity (dielectric), conductivity, temperature, moisture content and pressure. 

We also want you to know that it’s the only one of its type to measure nS/m conductivity.


Fluid condition sensor determines when oil needs to be serviced due to degradation of the oil chemistry or contamination by other fluids such as water or the wrong oil. When used as part of a pro-active maintenance programme, the FCS will help reduce the overall operating cost of machinery, with associated reductions in failure-related downtime, routine checks and lab testing.

Key Benefits 
• Reduces machinery design complexity by enabling five parameters to be measured by a single sensor.
• Replaces stand-alone sensors and wiring complexity.
• Simplifies data handling and connections.
• Multiple outputs from one sensor.

Suitable for:
All hydrocarbon mineral-based hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils, Large diesel engines, Industrial gearboxes, Heat exchanges, Turbocharger lube, Thrusters, Gas turbines, Hydraulic oil systems, Industrial tooling machines.

View HERE FCS Lab Test Data 

Also available for this product: the new Sensor Display Interface (SDI) to extend the FCS functionality and connectivity. 


Sensor Display Interface (SDI) 
The FCS communicates via industry standard Modbus over RS485 protocol. We recommend the new intelligent Sensor Display Interface (SDI) to extend the FCS functionality and connectivity; it can display results for up to four oil parameters in real-time, trigger and opto-isolated alarm relay, and output up to 4x 4-20mA analog signals. The compact, rugged SDI unit is simple to install and connect.


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