MRV turnkey service for shipping companies

Maritime transport has an impact on the global climate and on air quality, as a mainly result of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. 

Based on Regulation (EU) of 29 April 2015, all the ships that meet certain characteristics, should monitor, report and verify their carbon dioxide emissions along journeys that take place within the european marine borders. 

In partnership with Carbon Sink, we have developed a turnkey service, called MRV HELP DESK, which supports shipping companies in all regulation’s fulfillments, from creation of a Monitoring Plan to data collection till achievement of Document of Compliance. 



A turnkey service to simplifies compliance for MRV regulation for shipping companies

Reduce time consuming activities and tasks for technical offices
MRV HELP DESK on line portal to simplifies data collection and sharing, monitoring plan fulfillments and verification procedures

Direct assistance in all verification steps

zephyr & carbonsink


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