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Due to L'Orange's long experience in designing and producing pump-line-nozzle injection systems, we are able to provide products specifically made to satisfy our customers' needs.

Description of components: 


• Injection pressure up to 2,000 bar 

• High efficiency due to smallest manufacturing tolerances 

• Designed for engines from 100 up to 2,000 kW/cylinder 

• Injection volume up to 50,000 mm3/injection 

• Plungers coated with ultrahard layers to avoid wear and scuffing

• Cooled and uncooled nozzles
• Housings hardened at over 6,000 bar by autofrettage
• Optimized spray hole configuration for best results regarding emissions ´and fuel consumption

Fuel Pumps
Pumps which are used for the injection of fuels into diesel engines rank among the technically most demanding members in the family of pressure generators. 

The provision of fuels under high pressure to fuel injection valves calls for robust dimensioning of the pump drives, the determination of optimum clearance in the pump element and the application-oriented selection of high-strength steels with special heat treatment processes. As well, L'Orange pumps are characterised by expertise developed over decades in terms of helices, component coatings, sealing elements or valve engineering.

Fuel Injection Valves
As components of pump-line-nozzle injection systems, conventional fuel injection valves ensure that when a defined opening pressure of the fuel supplied by the injection pump is exceeded, the fuel is injected very quickly in a uniform fine atomisation.

Here not only a precise begin of injection is very important but also fast closing at the end of the injection process. Proper static and dynamic design of the injection hydraulics prevents so-called needle shocks. This reliably prevents even very minor unintended post-injection with after-dribbling effects, something that is necessary to ensure smokeless engine operation.

Test Stands

L'Orange developed a manual test stand that is designed for assembly and testing of precision components such as injection pumps and safety valves, requiring special care. 

It combines assembly device, test stand and booster in a single unit and is ideally suited for servicing fuel injection valves of medium-class diesel engines.

New features at a glance:

  1. Switch-over booster, between pressure wave generation and opening pressure testing
  2. Pressure release/safety valve opens at 900 bar
  3. Pressure relief lever
  4. Booster, tank and filter in one unit
  5. Evacuation of oil vapour
  6. Assembly of clamping brackets GUO/GXO without modification

Pump Line Nozzle Systems



High injection pressures and the suitability for poorest heavy fuel oil qualities are the major requirements of modern fuel injection systems.
Therefore, conventional pump-line-nozzle injection systems have been favored for decades for high-speed off-highway and medium-speed heavy-fuel engines. The main focus is on rugged, durable systems with high injection pressures and the most accurate possible fuel metering.


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