Engine Diagnostic Services

One of the services we offer to our customers is a complete check of their engines: our engineers go onboard/onsite, detect the operating data from the engine and finally provide to the customer a complete report describing the status of its prime movers. 

Our engineers, equipped with an hi-tech tool, have the knowledge and experience to integrate the data collected on ship/plant's control room with the one recorded by their own instruments. The result of that is a final report containing a description of the actual engine status and any kind of advice necessary to improve the performances of each engine ZT checked: following the provided guidelines customer can save money and improve the environmental skills of its ship/plant. 

Such tool is a unique device capable of recording combustion pressures and acoustic emissions coming from each cylinder: through that data the provided software lets the engineer analyze the combustion process and evaluate any possible incoming/in process failure which could affect the upper part of the engine.

The measurement information provided can be used to:

- Calibrate engines
- Monitor the load equalisation
- Monitor the timing
- Reduce fuel consumption and emissions
- Determine condition of the cylinder head (and indirectly of piston rings)
- Reduce costs of replacement parts

We recommend our customers to ask us for a diagnostic service in cases like:

- Before TBO expiry: in order to evaluate the possibility to postpone/anticipate the maintenance basing the decision on the actual status of the engine. This is the basic principle of the so called "predictive maintenance", the most advanced way of maintaining any kind of machinery to its top performance, saving money and time. 

- After a maintenance performed on the engine: in order to check the performed job and to have a reference on the engine conditions to be compared with future monitoring campaigns. 

- As a routine check or in case of lack of performance: in order to keep the engine running in the most efficient way, every day. 


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