Cat Fines Test Kit Detector

Detecting catalytic fines to prevent irreparable damages to fuel pumps, injectors, piston rings and liners. 

New engines and vessel technologies bring with them new operating conditions and methods that, if not implemented correctly, can potentially damage the vital engine components. This is coupled with a plethora of new environmental legislations, which bring with it challenges such as incorporating compliance solutions into the day-to-day operations of a vessel, as well as issues with fuel quality exacerbated by the increasing uptake of distillates for use in ECAs. 

There have been a number of incidents about significant damage caused by the ingress of catalytic *(cat) fines.
The issue is particularly pertinent in light of recent proposed changes to the international ISO 8217 fuel quality standard, which could mean that permissible levels of cat fines in fuels could rise, despite engine manufacturers recommendations.
The replacement of one liner (which could cost more than US$65,000), can be avoided through the application of a simple and inexpensive onboard test kit, which identifies (before the fuel oil enters the system) the presence of cat fines in a representative sample of fuel oil in less than 15min. 

Without evidence of proactive testing through tools such as proven onboard test kits, shipowners can leave themselves open to the risk of their insurance claim being rejected. 

Cat Fines Test Kit 
Designed to flag up HFO samples that may be contaminated with dangerous levels of cat fines before the fuel has even been pumped aboard. The test is simple to perform, cost effective, and can be completed within a few minutes. The test has been specifically designed to provide the crew with a clear sail or don’t sail indication with regards to fuel quality. 


Experimental results demonstrate that the new test is capable of identifying those fuel samples that have a cat fine concentration of > 60 ppm (Al + Si), and which therefore exceed the limit recommended by ISO 8217:2012. 

* Cat fines are particles of spent aluminium and silicon catalyst that arise from the catalytic cracking process in the refinery. The fines are in a form of complex alumino-silicates and, depending on the catalyst used, vary both in size and hardness. If not reduced by suitable treatment, the abrasive nature of these fines will damage the engine, particularly fuel pumps, injectors, piston rings and liners. 


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