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Vestas Aircoil

With 5 decades of experience, the Danish company Vestas aircoil continues to lead the world in charge air cooler design and manufacture. (The company celebrates its 50th anniversary in mid 2006).

From the very first air cooler they built for Burmeister & Wain, to current massive orders from Korea and China for new build engines, the company is flourishing.

In 2001, Vestas entered the after-market too after changes in the relationships with some of its engine manufacturing partners. Significant improvements in the production capabilities have lead to a much more cost effective product. Now the company is not only beating Korean non-approved companies for new building work, but is also hitting the grey market hard too. The prospect of approved, original spares at reasonable prices is attractive to engineers at shipping companies all over the world. There is no need to take a chance on grey products anymore.

The Vestas factory is in Denmark. In a competitive market, it competes with reputable manufacturers in all parts of the world by using very advanced production methods. It also benefits from very high volume being the easily the largest supplier in Europe (and possible the world).

A mix of OEM experience and approval, with a new progressive approach to the spares market, means Vestas is the safe engineering and economic choice for replacement air cooler for most engine types.

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