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Centrifuge Oil Filters

Lubricating oil is the life-blood of a diesel engine. Clean oil is essential if an engine is to operate efficiently throughout its working life. Many of the key objectives in modern engine design are directly related to the condition of the lubricating oil.
In response to changes in economic and environmental circumstances, conservation of engine lubricating oil is becoming increasingly important. Savings are being realised through reductions in oil consumption and the implementation of extended oil drain periods. As a result, modern oils must work harder, resist degradation for longer periods and must retain greater volumes of total insolubles. Therefore, changes in both oil chemistry and filtration technology are required to meet these needs.
The primary effect of new generation diesel engine design features, such as exhaust gas re-circulation (E.G.R.), is to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. The secondary effect is to increase the amount of contaminant, especially soot, finding its way into the lubricating oil. Engine designers regard soot reduction as one of their key objectives to meet future targets for reduced exhaust emissions, extended service intervals and increased engine durability. To comply with these future requirements, improved methods of maintaining lube oil cleanliness are of great importance.
Moreover, end users of diesel engines often find the environment and work duty in which they operate have an impact on lube oil condition.
Effects of increased levels of oil contaminant:
  • Increased oil thickening
  • Decreased oil life
  • Shortened service intervals
  • Increased component wear
  • Decreased engine life to overhaul
  • Increased fuel consumption due to component wear
  • Increased down-time due to component failure
  • Increased cost of ownership
MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal sedimentation technology can provide for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) fit and retrofit oil conditioning systems, which have the ability to remove large amounts of harmful fine soot from lube oil and to store it for eco-friendly disposal.

MH Centrifugal Oil Cleaners