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At Daros we want to give our customers the best possible service at all times. The Piston Ring has been developed a lot over the years. 20 years ago the only material used was the traditional cast iron but today a variety of different materials, designs and coatings are available. As the engines are developed to higher outputs and with higher maximum pressures, the rings need to be developed even further and the complexity will increase.
The quality of Daros piston rings leads to longer times between overhauls, meaning lower costs and less off-hire.
Daros is an "Original" piston ring producer working in close co-operation with the development groups at major engine manufacturers like Wärtsilä (the 2-stroke part formerly known as Sulzer) and MAN diesel (the 2-stroke part formerly known as B&W).
Daros' Technical Service team can assist in evaluating cylinder conditions, time between piston overhauls, wear results etc., in order to select or produce suitable rings for improving operations and minimizing costs.

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