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Oil test Kits

Water in Oil
Maintain and protect your equipment, whilst eliminating damage caused by water in your oil. Precision made in Germany.
The DIGI Water in Oil Test Kit provides state of the art, digital analysis and gives fast, accurate results for easy monitoring of trends. Alternatively, the ECON Water in Oil Test Kit contains a simple, analogue test cell together with all necessary reagents and equipment for an easy to use, economical test.

• Prevent corrosion, cavitation or failure of your machinery by detecting water in oil, before any damage occurs.
• Minimise instability of additive packages and damaging microbe growth by monitoring your oil.
• Fully portable for use on-board or in the field, test cells are extremely robust, durable and easy.

Total Base Number (TBN)
Measure your oil’s alkaline reserve and ability to neutralise acids from combustion.
The DIGI TBN Test Kit provides state of the art, digital analysis and gives fast, accurate results for in-depth monitoring of trends. The ECON TBN Test Kit gives a rapid indica- tion of TBN depletion in lubricants.

• Avoid fouling within the engine and corrosion of engine components by monitoring the Total Base Number (TBN) of your lubricating oils.
• Simple, economical monitoring of lubricants.

Monitor combustion related debris and oxidation products.
High insolubles will cause lacquer formation on hot surfaces, sticking of piston rings and wear of cylinder liner and bearing surfaces. The detergent property of the oil will also decrease, speeding further deterioration.

• Detect insolubles from diesel engine combustion products such as fuel ash, carbon, partially oxidised fuel, oil oxidation products and spent lubricant additive.
• Simple and quick to use, the Insolubles tests available give you actionable results, helping prevent engine damage.

Viscosity is widely regarded an oils most important characteristic. It is the viscosity that shows the oil’s resistance to flow and the strength of the oil film between surfaces.
The Parker Kittiwake DIGI Viscometer (or Viscotube) uses the falling ball technique to measure the viscosity of an oil. The DIGI Viscotube is provided with viscosity calculation software and a Digital Thermometer for accurate results.

The ECON Viscostick gives a simple go / no-go result. Typically it will detect 5-10% distillate fuel dilution of an SAE 30 to 40 engine oil as well as increases in viscosity due to oil contamination.

• Make informed maintenance decisions and prevent costly machinery downtime.
• Measuring oil viscosity provides early detection of contamination, fuel ingress and shear thinning.
• Suitable for hydraulic oils, diesel engine oils, enclosed gears and fuel oils.
• Simple, cost effective equipment requiring no consumables.


Hydraulic Particles (Patch Test)
Monitoring your hydraulic and gearbox oils is a necessary part of any preventative maintenance programme.

One of the most valuable indicators of machinery condition is oil cleanliness. The presence of particulate contamination in hydraulic or gearbox oils can be catastrophic. Monitoring fluid cleanliness levels assists in identifying abnormal conditions and preventing potential machinery damage.

• Identify abnormal conditions as part of your preventative maintenance programme.
• Clear and easy examination of particle contamination.
• No interference from water droplets or pearlescent fluids.
• Comes complete with a full instruction manual, containing contamination charts for easy analysis of results.
• Test kit is supplied in a fully portable, robust case for quick and easy testing in the field.