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Newsletter 05.21.2015

Oil test range extended to 100BN

Recent guidance from engine manufacturers recommends the use of higher BN lubricants in newer engines to help prevent the damaging effects of corrosive wear, particularly when slow steaming. Therefore, major oil companies are now adding higher BN lubricants to their product portfolios. Parker Kittiwake has launched an updated Digi TBN test kit, designed to provide a rapid indication of total base number (TBN) depletion in scrape down cylinder lubricants with a base number range up to 100.

A range of On-Site tests based around our unique electronic DIGI cell for the TBN (Total Base Number). Digital display, 5 year battery life and multi range capability. The DIGI range covers Water, BN (TBN), Insolubles, Viscosity testing and Hydraulic Particles. Often supplied in multi-parameter test kits with ECON tests covering the Acid Number testing, Salt, Insolubles and Viscosity to form a comprehensive solution. Rugged and simple to use, tests typically take <2 minutes each.

With an easy to read digital display providing instructions and results, a five year (10,000 tests) battery life and built in memory for recording previous test results, the Parker Kittiwake DIGI Cell has become a favoured test method worldwide for on-site and on-board testing. Alternatively, the Kittiwake ECON Test Cells offer simple, analogue results. Test cells are available individually for either Water in Oil or Total Base Number (TBN). Alternatively, a DIGI Combined Test Cell is available that performs both test parameters in a single cell.