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Omt Products' research & development

Working with high technology, first-class resources and passion to attain the state-of-the-art.

The OMT R&D department is committed to advancing the state-of-the-art of large engine fuel injection to the benefit of all aspects of engine performance and - importantly - overall engine life cycle costs. In a process of simultaneous engineering, OMT cooperates closely with engine builders to produce fuel injection systems capable of meeting the challenges of modern large engine development.

A major emphasis is currently the reduction in NOx emissions required under the IMO Tier III limitations for ships in Emission Control Areas while also minimising fuel consumption. The latter represents a contribution to lower operating costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the conservation of fossil fuel resources.

• Fuel injection valves

• Fuel injection pumps

• Automated fuel injection test rigs


For customers requiring a precise, quick, repeatable and reliable fuel injector valves’ testing and setting, Zephyr offers the opportunity to have a completely automatic test rig available for both specialized workshops and final customers.

• 2-Stroke injection parts