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Newsletter 10.07.2015

OMT - The heart of injection

OMT considers quality to be the heart of its company policy. The effectiveness of OMT's quality systems has been confirmed by Swiss S.Q.S. Certification, verifying conformity to the ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.

As required by the ISO/SC7 regulations, each component is subjected to a comprehensive program of thorough testing. The Quality Assurance team at OMT operates with complete autonomy and applies rigorous verification standards in collaboration with the production and planning departments. The result is a guarantee of absolute compliance with customer requirements for durable and reliable high performance fuel injection products.

Documentation, storage of test samples and the statistical processing of data acquired during quality control operations allow OMT to intervene in real time in production processes.

Product Technologies
Dedicated to making production processes more efficient as a way of improving OMT's ability to manufacture intelligently and flexibly and so offer a range of products that satisfies our customer's needs. To grow, to invest in new generations of production equipment and technologies.

Heat Treatment
Internal heat treatment department equipped with the latest facilities to enable the execution of all the heat treatment techniques required for production and testing, and for certifyng their operations.

- Vacuum Furnaces
- Gaseous Carburising
- Subzero Temperature treatment
- Burnishing
- Induction Hardening

Non conventional Technologies

- E.C.M. (Electro Chamical Machining)
- A.F.M. (Abrasive Flow Machining)
- E.D.M. (Electrical Flow Machining)
- Autofrettage

OMT is officially homologated by international producers of medium and large engines. This translates into a major customer benefit, since the approval and sharing of a vertically-integrated production system and total control of design allow us to guarantee high production standards, corresponding to the quality system of customers and dealers all over the world... read more

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