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Maridis Products


MARIDIS | MarPEAK Analog - MarPEAK Digital
Peak pressure indicators

MarPeak series are Peak Pressure Indicators to measure the applied maximum gas pressure of the diesel engine.

Precision made in Germany.


Liner Wall Temperature Monitoring System

The Maridis Liner Wall Temperature Monitoring System monitors the piston running performance by measuring the temperature of the upper part of the cylinder liner.


MARIDIS | Piston Ring Analysis
Results from statistical examinations have shown that 85% of visual checks on piston rings were not necessary because no trouble and no boundary wear of piston rings had occurred. A continuous monitoring of piston rings by the Piston Ring Analysis module saves time and only gives the alarm in the event of wear or faults the system.
As well as early fault detection the Piston Ring Analysis module is excellent suitable for optimisation of maintenance intervals. One magneto-resistive sensor is installed in the lower part of each cylinder liner.
The effective magnetic mass of piston rings passing the sensor varies according to piston movements and geometry, as well as the number and type of piston rings.
As a result the sensor detects the faults: “burnt-in ring”, “broken ring” and “missing ring”. When the sensor is combined with special piston rings (i.e. ceramic coating), the condition of ring wear can be detected.


Torque Measurement System

The Shaft Power Measurement System takes the torsion measurement on the running propeller shaft with 4 sensors. In relation to the torsion forces on the propeller shaft and the shaft speed the Shaft Power Measurement System calculates the torque and the power output.


Voyage Report

MarNoon software gathers all relevant data on ship operations anywhere in the world, providing immediate onboard analysis and online transfer capabilities to our Maritime Service Centre at Maridis. You obtain an efficient tool for optimizing ship performance, supporting itinerary planning and identifying possibilities for reducing fuel and costs.


MARIDIS | Maritime service center
Improved communication between user and controller

Maridis GmbH provides you with a broad range of metrology products for diagnosing the performance of your ship or power plant engines. Measured data is edited according to your requirements and made available with the Maritime Service Centre (MSC). The MSC contributes to an enhanced direct communication between user on site and controller.