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Cynergi products

Cynergas Generator
Cynergi's Oxy-hydrogen Generators, separate ultrapure water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, blended and pressurized, using a small amount of electric power via our patented process.

Applications: Marine Engines, Engine Generators

Coal Water Fuel Emulsion
Coal Water Fuel emulsion, or CWF, is a viscous, heavy liquid fuel that is produced by emulsifying micronized coal, ultrapure water and chemical additives. CWF can be stored, pumped and burned as a substitute of oil or gas in properly modified furnaces, boilers or turbines.

Applications: Turbines, Boilers, Cement Plant

ECS - Engine Cleaning System
The inside of an engine can be cleaned of carbon and sulphur deposits in a totally non-invasive procedure, using a simple, safe, environment-friendly in a 40 minutes process. The Cynergi's Engine Cleaning System is effective and unexpensive. Connect it to a vacuum line on the engine, and run the car at idle for 40 minutes. This method is not only effective and simple, do not messy, do not requires clean up afterward and poses no environmental or safety risk.

Applications: Engine Generator, Vehicles


Cyntech Additives
Cyntech Additives typically comprises from 0.2% to approximately 2% of the finished fuel. Cynergi has developed specific additive combinations for diesel emulsions, fuel oil emulsions, emulsified biodiesel and residual oil emulsions.
Cyntech Additives are liquids, they are relatively inexpensive, easily transported, stored and applied. Generally, they have a very long shelf life (in some cases up to a year).

Applications: Turbines, Marine engines, Boilers, Engine Generator, Vehicles


Lubrificant Additives
Cyntech nano-metal Motor Oil Additives, is a special additives family, a molecular coating of the engine interior based on nanotechnology for reduction of friction and wear and fewer deposits, improved oil flux, higher engine power and lower fuel consumption.
For all mineral and synthetic engine oils, for spark ignition engines and diesel engines.

Applications: Marine engines, Engine Generator, Vehicles


Cavitation Cracking
Cavitational treatment of liquid hydrocarbon such as crude oil, fuel oil, bitumen, and various bio-fuels, reduces viscosity and increases both yield and temperature.
Cavitation is a process of bubble formation in liquids subjected to variable pressure. Cavitation occurs when pressure of the liquid falls below its vapor pressure and is characterized by a high temperature (4000K typical, 6000K and higher possible) and high pressure (10-100MPa) occurring within the cavitation induced collapsing bubbles.

Applications: Turbines, Marine engines, Boilers, Engine Generator


Nozzle Mixing
Highly pressurized cyclonic sprayers mix treated fuel, ?Emulsion, and Cynergas, eliminating the steam pulverization need.

Applications: Turbines, Boilers