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Newsletter 02.24.2015

Fuel treatment and combustion

Zephyr’s distributed emulsifier uses ultrapure water and special additives to produce a nano-emulsioned fuel, ready for use on turbines, boilers and engines (particular focus on ships’ M/E and D/G using poor quality fuels).

Producing an emulsion involves both chemical and mechanical operations. The formulation of an additive must take into account the need to preserve the stability, restore lubricity and flash point in both storage and injection. The mechanical operation involved in producing nano emulsified fuel is that of high-value shearing and hydrodynamic cavitation operation.

Cyntech fuel emulsion: A cost-effective alternative for treatment of diesel, heavy fuel oil and all other liquid fuels which allows to reduce the energy-unit fuel costs and reduce drastically the emissions. Cynergi’s process uses ultrapure water and proprietary additives to produce nano-emulsion, a special fuel treatment, usable directly on turbines, boilers, ships and engine generators. Internal combustion engines, turbines and boilers which use HFO, Diesel, vegetal oil or animal fat oil, now are able to treat their fuels with Cyntech Emulsier and produce on-site the nano emulsion. In the internal combustion generators, Cynergi uses also the injection of Oxyhydrogen gas which permits to increase the amount of water in the emulsion avoiding the creation of unburned, increasing the engine performance.

The nano-Emulsion Fuel System makes use of the Cyntech Emulsifier machine.