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BWM treatment system

Ballast Water treatment systems must have a type approval certificate in compliance with the IMO Guidelines for the Approval of Ballast Water Management Systems (Resolution MEPC. 174(58)), which updated Resolution MEPC.125(53)).

There are a number of approved ballast water treatment systems available and there are many more systems which are expected to be submitted for test and approval in the near future; there will be significant lead times for some of the more popular systems, particularly in the year leading up to entry into force of the BWM Convention.

When selecting a treatment system, you need to consider many factors:
ship type
max and min ballasting and de-ballasting rates
ballast capacity
space required (foot print and volume)
flexibility of location of system components
the effects of pressure drop
integration with existing systems
whether it is certified intrinsically safe
power availability
health and safety
effects on tank structure/coatings
availability of consumables, spares and support (servicing)
additional crew workload
crew training
capital and operating cost
system availability and delivery time.

Download and compile the Checklist, Zephyr will help you to design the BWTS best fitting your ship.