HPC Water-Test Kit

Regular water testing is not only a requirement, but enables early intervention and avoidance of possible delays in port.
International regulations require that ship operators devise and implement a water safety plan (WSP) to manage all quality aspects of bunkered, made and distributed water.


The HPC Water Test Kit provides assurances about water quality as a condition monitoring tool. Easy to use, the test kit has been specifically developed to quantitatively detect the presence of bacteria that can contaminate water. This is known as the Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC), also called the Total Viable Count (TVC) or the Aerobic Colony Count (ACC). The test can be used to test samples from potable and hot water systems and from recreational water facilities such as swimming pools and spa baths, as well as raw environmental water and other waters (Contact us for more details).

Monitor microbial contamination...
before it turns into a problem

• Simple, accurate, easy to use test
• No special training, equipment or facilities
• Easy to interpret: a visual indication of contamination
• Conduct on-board, in the field or a laboratory
• Sensitivity can be adjusted to suit user requirements/ contamination limits/ standards
• No transportation restrictions - no refridgeration or hazardous materials


Fast & Effective Water Testing

The HPC Water Test Kit can be used as a routine monitoring tool, for providing assurances about water quality, for investigation of incidents and for confirming effectiveness of measures taken to prevent or remediate microbial contamination such as water chlorination.


The HPC Water Test Kit contains everything that is required to perform the test:
• Potable Water Test Kit bottles
• Sterile 0.1ml dual bulb pipettes
• Bottle labels
• Instructions 


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